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Be Quiet! System Power 7
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rokasgrāmataBe Quiet! System Power 7
Better, Quieter, More Reliable
Your customers deserve more, and you want the best price-for-performance available - so be quiet! designed the new System
Power 7. Offering the best possible combination of power, quietness, features and efficiency, System Power 7 lets you build
cost-effective systems with superior performance - a key differentiator in these days of identical commodities.
New and improved features »
• 120mm be quiet! fan reduces system noise
Certified 80PLUS Bronze / Silver efficiency (up to 90%)
Stronger +12V rails support bigger system builds
• Supports Multi-GPU Systems based on ATI or nVidia graphic cards (400-700W)
• Sleeved cable lengths for improved cooling and more attractive appearance (450-700W)
• Meets Intel C6, ErP 2013 and Energy Star 5
• Power consumption in stand by below 0.25W
• Safe operation in ambients of up to 40°C
• Full suite of top safety protections defends against over-currents, over- and under-voltages, short circuits, overheating and
overloads, thus safeguarding valuable components
• Follows RoHS, WEEE and REACH regulations
German product conception, design and quality control
Three year warranty
System Power 7 »
An excellent choice for stability, performance and superior quiet. From the #1 manufacturer of PSUs in Germany for six
years running.
SINCE 2006*
96% of power available for 12V
Meets current and future standards
Highest efficiency in the class
Market leader in quiet solutions


Best price to performance system builds
Silent office or home PCs
Entry to mid-level gaming systems
Value-conscious and quality-oriented SIs
*According to the yearly PC Games Hardware‘s „Manufacturer of the year“ election (2006-2011) and market data from GfK (2007-2012)
600W 450W 350W700W 500W 400W 300W


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Zīmols Be Quiet!
Modelis System Power 7
Produkts Datora adapteris
EAN 4260052182956, 4260052183076, 0014488705500, 5711045910555
Valoda Angļu
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