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Whirlpool WTE 3322 NFW
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A. Refrigerator Compartment
1. Filter in the fan
2. Electronic control panel / light unit
3. Shelves / Shelf area
4. Multi-flow cold air system
5. Cooler compartment
6. Rating plate with commercial name
7. Fruits and vegetables crisper
7a. Crisper divider
8. Egg tray
9. Reversibility kit
10. Separator
11. Door trays
B. Freezer Compartment
12. Area for freezing (with/without flap)
13. Area for storing frozen foods
14. Ice tray
15. Plastic shelf
16. The freezer door trays for pizza or other frozen
products with a short storage time (2** storage
17. Door seals
Depending on the model the number and type of
accessories may vary.
Anti-bacterial protection (depending on the model):
- Antibacterial filter in the fan (1)
- Antibacterial additives in the Crisper (7)
- Door seals from materials that inhibit bacterial growth
- In case it'll have a flap, please remember that to
maximize the storage volume it's suggested to remove it.
- All shelves and door trays are removable. Freezer plastic
shelf cannot be removed to have a good air flow rate
inside freezer compartment.
- The internal temperatures of the appliance depend on
the ambient temperature, frequency of opening the
doors, as well as location of the appliance. Temperature
setting must consider these factors.
- The appliance accessories are not suitable for washing in


Fit the spacers (if supplied) on
the upper part of the condenser
at the rear of the appliance.
After plugging the appliance to
the mains, it starts the operation
After starting the appliance, wait at least 4-6 hours before
placing food into the appliance .
The indicator LEDs on the control panel light up for
approximately 1 second, and after initialization process,
setpoint is displayed.
- If food is placed in the refrigarator before the appliance
has cooled completely, it may deteriorate.
- If fresh food is loaded in freezer position 3 on control
panel should be chosen.


The fan improves temperature distribution inside the
refrigerator compartment, allowing better preservation of
stored food.
To switch on the fan press the button (1a). It is advisable
to activate the fan when the ambient air temperature is
over 27 ÷ 28°C or if you perceive drops of water on the
glass shelves or in the severe humidity conditions.
Do not obstruct the air intake area with food items.
The fan will run ONLY when the compressor is in
Remember to turn off the fan when there is a lower
ambient air temperature.
If the appliance has the fan it can be equipped with the
antibacterial filter.
Remove it from the box (found in the crisper drawer
(item 7) and insert into the cover of fan (item 1b).
The replacement procedure is attached with the filter.



1. extra low temperature "Fast
2. high temperature
3. medium temperature
4. low temperature
5. temperature selection/Fast
cooling (3 sec. minimum)


Whirlpool WTE 3322 NFW

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